The Gottman Seven Principles Program

Reawaken your passion and commitment with one another! Drawing on 40 years of research with over 3000 couples, this dynamic and transformative couples’ course will: Deepen your understanding of one another Build friendship and trust Improve your communication Provide skills and strategies to manage conflict constructively Create shared meaning and dreams


Empathy, in the word of another, is “gold”. It is the “magic dust” that we can offer each other in any moment. It gives understanding and comfort, provides clarity and insight, reduces tension and conflict, and above all strengthens relationships. Empathy is at the heart of good communication and great connections. Empathy is also hard to do. When practicing empathy,…

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The Journey of Counselling

When I first began my professional career, one of my instructors described therapy as “change”. This is scary for many of us – for even if what we are experiencing is difficult, it’s what we know. As well, it can seem risky to put ourselves into the hands and heart of someone we may have just met. In my experience,…

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