The Counselling Service

Counselling provides an opportunity for you to talk about and explore relationships, behaviour, feelings, and thoughts that trouble you and cause challenges in your life. It can also be a place for you to grow and understand more about yourself, your relationships with other people, and your experiences.

Are you puzzled and hurt by your teen’s behaviour?

Adolescence can often feel something like a roller coaster for both you and your teenager. Perhaps you are worried about your teen’s choice of friends and activities. Or maybe there have been too many arguments and angry words exchanged already. It can seem that you are no longer as important in your child’s life as you once were or that you have lost any control. Counselling can help provide you with the understanding and tools to navigate this challenging time in your lives…

Are you worried about the growing tension in your marriage or relationship?

Parksville Qualicum Family Counselling

When you and your partner first met, it was loving and exciting. But perhaps the arguments have grown more frequent, hurtful words are often said, and you both end up feeling frustrated and hopeless. Or maybe now you no longer speak with one another, living as two strangers in the same house. You feel lonely, disrespected and misunderstood, and may even be wondering if this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. At the same time, a strong part of you wants this relationship to work and for the both of you to become reconnected. Counselling can help you and your partner examine these challenging questions and begin the process to healing…

Are you feeling unhappy, anxious or uncertain in your life right now?

Parksville Family CounsellingLife can sometimes leave us feeling distressed, scared and disorientated. You may have been struggling with very sad feelings for some time and feel trapped by them. Or you may be experiencing ongoing worries and can’t seem to let go of them – it’s as if they are running your life. You may feel that you are at a loss as to how to deal with a particular problem, unsure of what choice to make, or want to understand how to handle the stress in life. Counselling can help you become happier, feel more relaxed, and develop clarity about the people and events in your life…

Approaches to Therapy…

  • Adlerian Therapy and Life Style Analysis: an approach that believes deeply in the potential of all human beings. People are understood holistically and within their relationships and environment. An assessment of one’s family experiences and the examination of early memories and dreams can facilitate awareness and ultimately choice.
  • Systemic: All of us are connected, influenced and impacted by one another – particularly within our families. Much like a mobile, if you shift one piece, the whole will move. Understanding the patterns, expectations, and roles in our lives can provide direction on what we want to do differently to effect change.
  • Cognitive Behavioural: how we understand ourselves, others and a particular situation can influence our feelings and behaviour. A new perspective brings hope and possible avenues toward change.
  • Attachment: All of us are in need of connection with one another while still feeling our independence and uniqueness. Balancing this in our relationships is the essence of our health and growth.
  • Other Approaches: I also draw on ideas and tools from Emotionally-Focused, Solution-Focused and Narrative Therapies.