The Journey of Counselling

When I first began my professional career, one of my instructors described therapy as “change”. This is scary for many of us – for even if what we are experiencing is difficult, it’s what we know. As well, it can seem risky to put ourselves into the hands and heart of someone we may have just met. In my experience, though, counselling is not “done to you”. Counselling is a journey shared by two people (more if it is a couple or family) often with unexpected destinations. A good counselling experience has at its root a collaborative and trusting relationship that recognizes the wisdom each of us brings to this work. Although I come with specialized knowledge, skills and understanding, you are the expert of your life, your experiences, your feelings and your perceptions. You are the co-facilitator of this journey in terms of the pace, direction, and whether we pause on the way. It is within the comfort and safety of this relationship that the transformative experience happens – the wholeness, growth and joy you wish for and deserve. It is only through relationship that we change and grow.